Avatar erez

Erez Zukerman

CEO, Co-Founder

An author, entrepreneur, and software developer, Erez came up with the idea for CodeCode Ninja after personally experiencing the need for deliberate practice as a coder. After using general-purpose spaced repetition systems, Erez felt there had to be a better way — and here it is.

Avatar maxim

Maxim Gladkov

CTO, Co-Founder

Combining both business insights and development chops, Maxim has been crafting software since he was 10. Rocking Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Sass, Maxim is in charge of the bits and bytes that go together to make CodeCode Ninja a reality.

Avatar sascha

Sascha Michael Trinkaus


Sascha has been creating websites since the middle nineties. He's honed his craft in multiple roles and is now a true multi-disciplinary designer. His focus is and will always be design, but he's taken a huge interest in coding in recent years.