Flash Cards For Programmers

CodeCode Ninja flashcards are designed from the ground up to support you as a software developer. Here's what makes them so unique:

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Gorgeous Syntax Highlighting

Whether you lovingly type your cards or copy-paste carefully selected pearls of wisdom, we're going to make sure they look great. CodeCode Ninja cards offer seamless syntax highlighting for JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and dozens of other languages.

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Type In Your Answers

We code by typing — so let's learn by typing. With CodeCode Ninja, you can set specific areas of a snippet of code you'd like to type in when you drill this card in the future. When the time comes, CodeCode Ninja will ask you to type in the answer and then rate yourself. You can use typing cards to master shell commands, Vim commands, and any other bit of code.

"it's the most helpful learning technique I've found in 14 years of computer programming." — Derek Sivers
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Keystroke Flashcards

We spend our days in a text editor or an IDE. So, learn to make the most of it — master all of your editor's hidden keyboard shortcuts, or craft entirely new ones and remember them forever. If you use Vim, you know what a huge difference this single feature can make in your productivity. And if you don't use Vim… well, you really should. Here's how keystroke cards work:

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Multiple Placeholders Per Card

It's easy to use CodeCode Ninja to master multi-line code structures. Coding isn't all about one-liners: Context matters, so CodeCode Ninja lets you create a card with the complete structure, and mark out various areas of it for practice.

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You Decide What Matters

With CodeCode Ninja, you start building out your own knowledge base. You decide which facts to put in — and for each fact, you decide how important it is. By explicitly setting a fact's importance, you give it context. Only you can do this — it's your own knowledge.

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