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Become a Ninja 30-day free trial

Simple as can be

CodeCode Ninja costs $10 per month. There are no yearly subscriptions or long-term commitments. There is a generous, 30-day free trial, and great support from someone who really cares.

What you'll be paying for

Before we get into our payment options, please ensure you understand what it is you're paying for. See our Features page to understand what we're offering.

In a nutshell, CodeCode Ninja is a tool for mastering your craft as a software developer. Now let's talk about the money.

Why isn't there a free plan?

There is a free trial, just not an entirely free plan.

Deliberate practice requires commitment. As a professional pianist, it isn't always fun to sit at your piano and practice yet another grueling composition. But that's what world-class pianists do.

There is no better way to build this commitment than spending your own hard-earned cash. In other words, paying for CodeCode Ninja is a feature: It ensures you'll actually care enough to get your money's worth.

Why isn't there an annual plan?

For the same reason there's no free plan: Ongoing commitment. Seeing the CodeCode Ninja charge on your monthly credit card statement is a reminder: The service is here, you've made the decision to use it, and you're paying for it. This isn't the sort of thing we want you to think about only once a year.

But $10/month! Isn't that a bit expensive?

An entry-level coder in the US makes $50,000 per year. That comes down to $4,200 per month. $10 is less than 0.25% of that — less than a quarter of one percent. In exchange for solidifying every single piece of new programming information you care about, never forgetting it, and tangibly building your skill one step at a time. Nope, that's not expensive.

What about the spirit of open source?

Ah, finally we come to the one exception to our "no free plans" policy. Like every modern Web application, CodeCode Ninja is standing on the shoulders of giants. If it weren't for thousands of developers giving their work away for free, we would not be here today.

So, yes, active contributors and maintainers of open-source projects are eligible for a free CodeCode Ninja account. Please apply for your open-source account here.

What about refunds?

Of course we offer refunds. You can always ask for a refund of your latest payment — so if you decide CodeCode Ninja isn't for you, we'll happily refund you.

Can my company pay for me?

Yes, they can… but we don't think they should. For the same reason we don't offer free or yearly plans: By paying for CodeCode Ninja out of pocket, you will be affirming your own commitment to practicing your craft. CodeCode Ninja only works if you use it and the best way to ensure you're using it is to pay for it on your own.

Become a Ninja 30-day free trial

I still have a question (or: I think you're wrong)

This document is long as FAQs go, but it can't include everything. Still have a question? Want to reach out and explain something we've missed, or why our reasoning doesn't work for you? Shoot us a quick message - we'd love to talk.